Covid -19 Response


In Response to the announcement made by our President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 23rd March 2020 on the National State of Disaster, Njilo Consulting and Logistics has put measures in place to combat the spread of the Covid -19 Coronavirus, ensuring the continuity in servicing our customers.


With dedicated Account Managers who are always available to assist, working with our Stakeholders we have risen above the challenges faced caused by this virus. Njilo Consulting and Logistics  has been approved to continue operating providing essential services together with our service providers.  Although this year has proved to be a challenging one, our online systems and supplier relations have ensured Business continuity.


Although our government has now eased the restrictions, it is imperative to continue following all protocols put in place for the safety of our staff, customers and families through:


  • Wearing of Mask, Undergo Temperature Checks
  • Washing /Sanitising our hands
  • Social Distancing of at least one and a half meter
  • Open Windows
  • Avoid crowded spaces and
  • Undergo Temperature Checks